General Materials

Endless Dreams Manual Print

“Endless Dreams” is a 10-part curriculum developed by Casey Family Services to broaden the understanding educators, families and other professionals who impact the educational lives of children in foster care.


No Decision About Me Without Me: School Stories of Youth in Custody

Produced by VT-FUTRES and film maker Bess O’Brien, five Vermont youth discuss the impact of foster care and school transitions on their educational experience and well-being. The importance of educational stability and planned school transitions is supported in interviews with adult educators, caregivers and child welfare professionals. The Study Guide for this video is available at:

School Stability for Foster Children Video

An in-depth interview with Vanessa, a former youth in care, who talks about her lack of placement stability and the importance educational stability for youth in care.


Child Welfare

There’s No Place Like Home or School – Making School & Placement Stability Happen! PowerPoint

A PowerPoint that includes strategies on how to engage key stakeholders from different agencies at multiple levels, as well as strategies for targeted recruitment of foster parents.

Solving the Data Puzzle

A How-To Guide on Collecting and Sharing Information to Improve Educational Outcomes for Children in Out-of-Home Care

Social Worker’s Practice Guide to Education for Children and Youth in Foster Care–Washington state

A complete guide to supporting youth’s educational experience and promoting educational advocacy for Child Welfare Workers.

Foster Care and Education Brochure: Tools and Resources for Improving the Education Success of Children and Youth in Foster Care

A brief brochure focusing on the importance of educational stability for youth in care.

Advocating for the Educational Needs of Children in Out of Home Care

Maine’s training curriculum for Child Welfare Workers on how to advocate for the educational needs of a child in custody.

School Success: Navigating Foster Care and Special Education – Video

A video that captures the youth voice on being in foster care and/or special education.

Vermont Justice for Children’s Task Force

The Task Force’s Education Subcommittee has been promoting educational stability in Vermont for several years.

Child Welfare Information Gateway

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Child Welfare Data & Technology

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement



Endless Dreams Video: Building Educational Support for Youth in Foster Care

Developed by Casey Family Programs to complement the Endless Dreams curriculum, this video provides an overview of the educational needs of students in state care.  Useful for advocates, teachers, administrators, educational surrogates, CASA volunteers, child welfare professionals, and others that assist youth in care with their educational needs.

Everybody’s a Teacher Video

A video showing how foster care providers, child welfare workers, families, teachers and other adults involved in the life of a child in foster care play a key role in helping them achieve educational success.

Becoming Visible Video

A well-made video including interviews of former foster children on the need for Educators to become more informed on the specific issues foster youth face in school.

Meeting the Educational Needs of Students in the Child Welfare System

A tool for educators on how to meet the needs of children in foster care.

In Care, In School – Are you alright? – Video

A video make in the UK to show the every day experiences of youth in care.

Foster Care and Education Brief: Applying IDEA and Fostering Connections to Ensure School Stability

An Issue Brief for the Fostering Connections Act that provides case study examples and answers FAQs.

The Heart of Learning: Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success – Video

A video for educators on working with youth who have experienced trauma.

Education Advocacy Manual

A manual from TeamChild on how to advocate for the educational needs of youth in foster care, including youth with special education needs.

School Success: Navigating Foster Care and Special Education – Video

A video that captures the youth voice on being in foster care and/or special education.

Vermont Department of Education Resources

Resources and forms including relevant Vermont statutes, the Memorandum of Understanding between DOE and DCF regarding educational placement, and special services requests.

Legal Center for Foster Care & Education

National Working Group on Foster Care and Education


Foster Parents

Foster & Kinship Foster Care in VT

Vermont Educational Surrogate Program 

Confronting Stereotypes of Youth in Foster Care – Video

 A video that addresses the stigma and stereotypes youth in foster care face.

Forward Advocacy Foster Care and Education – Video

A video that addresses the needs of foster youth as they transition past high school to higher education.

Educational Advocacy Guide for Caregivers

A complete guide for Caregivers on how to promote educational stability and success and well as advocate for the youth’s needs.

Nebraska Online Toolkit


Legal Community

National Association of Public Child Welfare: Fostering Connections Implementation State Survey

See how states are implementing the Fostering Connections to Success Act.

Education and Foster Care Report – Texas

A full report form Texas on the multi-disciplinary effort from stakeholders in child welfare, education and the legal community to implement educational stability.

Foster Youth Educational Outcomes in Four California Counties

An initial report on the educational outcomes of foster children in four California counties.

Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Futures: A Judge’s Guide

A judicial guide that details the various players in Human Services that pertain to the welfare of a child in foster care, and how concurrent planning between multi-disciplinary networks benefits the child.

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections


Youth and Families

Vermont Federation of Families